Yes – it’s 100% possible for YOU!

Wondering why you’re still miserable, while other moms seem to crush it in every aspect of life? Contrary to what you might think, it’s NOT because you lack money, time, or resources. These shortcomings are the RESULT of the REAL problem…the wrong mindset.

Join me on the most rewarding 90-day journey of your life as I arm you with all the tools and guidance you need to ditch the 9-5 misery, fix mom burnout, and live YOUR life on YOUR terms!

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Is the name trusted by professional working moms nationwide who have reached the end of the proverbial tether.

These women, like you, are SICK of being burned out. TIRED of getting home exhausted from their 9-5, only to switch to the even-more-exhausting 5-9. These women, like you, crave ALL the “F” words we ALL need in our lives…
Family time
Financial independence
Faith in yourself
Unlike many coaches out there, I’m NOT here to tell you to drop 1000s of $$$ on a potentially useless degree or quit your job without a backup plan.

THAT is a TERRIBLE idea.

I’m here to work WITH you to craft the realistic yet enthusiastic blueprint you need to (slowly yet surely) build a profitable business behind the scenes, based on your professional experience and your PASSION. And when you’re ready, you can do the whole resignation spiel – hair flick and slow-motion-walk-out-the-door and all.

Group Coaching for Working Moms

Ready to go back to school? Enroll in my PROFESSION TO PASSION ACADEMY, designed exclusively to help moms turn their experience into a profitable and infinitely rewarding career. Together, we’ll identify your highest potential and create a business blueprint that CAN and WILL pave your road to FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, and FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE – brick by brick.

Create a 9-5 Exit Plan that prepares you before you leave your job

Discover how to turn your passionate calling into a profitable business

Fail-proof blueprint to creating income without the stress

Workbook with course info + templates

12 Group Coaching Calls 

Working with Rachel is a life- changing experience. From the start of your first session, she pushes you to speak your dream/s out loud so that they can manifest in your real life. Never in a million years did I ever think I could live out my dreams in my real life, but Rachel propels you to revive the mindset that dreams can become reality. She is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams!

-Leah E Coaxum BSN, RN

Private Coaching for Working Moms

Crave a little more personal attention? Together, we’ll help you find the courage, strength, and audacity to show up as your most authentic self, every single day – all by pinpointing and releasing the subconscious blocks that are stunting your growth as a leader.
Everything that you receive in the group coaching session

Customized action-packed gameplan to escape the 9-5 and design the dream life you’re destined for

 Private 1:1 calls with Rachel 

Working with Rachel really put my business and personal life into perspective. She held me accountable to accomplish goals. You do have weekly homework. My all time favorite though is when she had me close my eyes and visualize my life love in the way I wanted to see it. She is the best. She helps produce results. If you are ready for a change in your business or personal life sign up with her today!!!

– Danielle W.

Why is the program so valuable?

What is the cost of NOT taking action? Failure to fix mom burnout and overwhelm can lead to significant (and costly) health problems. This online coaching program for busy women is an INVESTMENT into the life you want, whereby you’ll save 1000s of $$$ on travel costs every year – seeing as you’ll be working from home (or, you know, wherever you want…) from now on!

Shouldn’t I just study instead?

Choosing this program means you won’t have to spend upwards of $50K on a new degree that may or may not help your career. With my private and group coaching for working moms, you can pay less than 10% of what you would on tertiary education, AND be done in 90 days to boot

How do I get started?

Simply choose your preferred package above, or book a call to chat more about what you hope to achieve through the program.

Work With Me

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I’ll email you a quick questionnaire so I can get to know you and your needs a little better before we meet up. Take your time to answer these, and send them back to me ASAP.
Step 3
We’ll go through your answers together in your session and determine whether we’re a good fit.
Step 4
Excited to collaborate? I’ll outline all the next steps to start working with me. Not the right fit? No hard feelings. You’ll still qualify for all my resources to fast-track your flight toward your dreams.
Questions? DM @iamRachel.Jones on Instagram to chat!

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